S I M P L E     R U L E S
O F     P A I R     W O R K

In pairs, we are sitting "across the corner": it is both convenient for work and psychologically comfortable. Of course, for this purpose we need the tables that provide for comfortable sitting on all four sides.

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Video: Pair Learning in Elementary School
Documentary on Pair Learning in Elementary School in Germany.
Pair Learning in Elementary School

This documentary was filmed in the same class when children were in third and fourth grades. These children were involved in pair learning since their first day in the first grade.

This movie had been filmed in 2009 in German, then the Russian soundtrack had been added. Here, you can watch this movie with Russian soundtrack and English subtitles.

Working in schools in easy and efficient way.

Probably, you and we together can make a difference in future improvement of school education, can’t we? I would be interested in your participation in improvement of learning process. Write us about your ideas!
Working in Pairs. September 18
Teacher from Germany, 3 weeks since the first grade began learning:   Children got the next task to work in their "Apple notebooks." Without any instructions, they began working in pairs on their own. Couple classes before, I explained them how to work in pair: both work on the task written on one page of "Apple notebook"; when task is accomplished, change the partner in pair. To do so, the pair who finished their work go to the blackboard, and form new pairs with next available pair.

I thought that it was a short time since the school year beginning, so I was pleasantly surprised that children immediately started working in pairs properly, and properly changed the partners. Moreover, they wanted to fill the control sheet on their own, because they saw before how I market accomplished tasks in this sheet.

Note for parents

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