S I M P L E     R U L E S
O F     P A I R     W O R K

In pairs, we are sitting "across the corner": it is both convenient for work and psychologically comfortable. Of course, for this purpose we need the tables that provide for comfortable sitting on all four sides.

This activity is conducted by non-commercial organization Wechselseitig Lernen e.V.
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Students follow algorithms while working in pairs
You see the Teachers Flyer #1. This is the first step of your familiarization with us. Who are we? We are several dozen people living in different countries and practicing the pair learning. We are united around the website, where pair learning is represented in the section www.paarschool.com/en

As you could see, the URL includes word paarschool that means pair school in English. What is this for, and how we are working? Briefly, we offer you the method of pair learning to simplify your teaching work and to render your class free of bored students.

We cooperate with you in easy way. This flyer contains an example of pair work that you can immediately use in your class as is", without any additional work. This is the first principle of students pair learning.

Brief explanation to this principle of pair working. We dont know the age of your students and the subject you are teaching. Hence, you should use the algorithm shown below in creative way, by taking into account the age of students and information provided by particular subject.

The teacher asks students to sit in pair and says, Now, well write the fairy tale, each of you should invent your own one. Take a sheet of paper, write on the top your name and date. Ask your partner what sentence should open the fairy tale. Give your partner your sheet and ask her or him to write down one sentence for fairy tale. Then, invent your own opening, and write one sentence in the partners sheet. Then, change the partner in your pair. In the next pair, read aloud the opening of your fairy tale, and ask your partner to invent and say aloud the next sentence that continues your fairy tale and then write it down to your sheet. You do the same with your partners fairy tale.
Teacher allocates some amount of time to this work, and then stops this work.

We hope you can easily find the ways to use this algorithm in your classes while teaching your subject.

Please, continue contacting us. Our email address is po4ta@gmx.net. Or you can contact us through the person who provided you with this Flyer:

Len Kaplan OutCompete LLC 248-376-6552 lenkaplan@outcompete.com

You can also visit the website where we discuss with teachers the practical aspects of pair learning of different subjects, with students of different ages, in schools, colleges and universities: www.pedsovet.org/forum/forum84.html . Here, you can find multiple topics with names starting with Method of pair learning followed by name of subject. If your subject is not represented there, please, email us, well discuss the issue and create another topic devoted to your subject.

We wish you a lot of success, health and wellness!
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