S I M P L E     R U L E S
O F     P A I R     W O R K

In pairs, we are sitting "across the corner": it is both convenient for work and psychologically comfortable. Of course, for this purpose we need the tables that provide for comfortable sitting on all four sides.

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Learning in pairs simplifies teacher's work and completely prevents occurrence of "slow students." Please, find the statistical proof of this statement here: http://www.paarschool.com/paar-ns-ger-6.php - this is statistics of pair class in one Germany school.

What do we offer?

We offer you individual components of Pair Learning approach. You can use these components immediately, "as is," without any additional preparation.

At this moment, we don't know anything about you and your students. So, we cannot provide you with any pair learning component that exactly fits the subject you are teaching and age of your students. That's why we show you here a small fragment that you can use "by analogy."

Here is one element of pair learning.

* * *

Teacher asks students to sit in pairs, and says them:

Let's invent the fairy tale, each of you should invent your own. Take a sheet of paper, and write at the top your name and date. Ask your partner what sentence can start the fairy tale. Give your sheet to the partner and ask him to write this sentence down. Then, invent your beginning sentence, and write it to the partner's sheet. Then, change your partner.

In the next pair, read aloud your beginning of fairy tale, then ask your partner to invent the next sentence and write it down to your sheet. Do the same to your partner's fairy tale.

Teacher allocates some time to this work, and then interrupts group work.

* * *

We have no doubts that you have already invented how to use this pair learning exercise in your class.

Other components of pair learning approach look similar to this one.

How could you and your students benefit from pair learning approach?

· Thanks to pair learning approach, your students become good students, quick learners who study any subject with ease;

· Classes with elements of pair learning are fun;

· Pair learning approach substantially simplifies your job.

If you want to use pair learning to improve your students' progress in studies FAST, it is our pleasure to support you. We are glad to cooperate with you.

Now, couple words on conditions of our cooperation with you.

Price of every element of pair learning approach you receive from us is twofold:

- First, it is small amount of money, $1 per element; you pay this money to your consultant;

- Second, it is information on how you used this element in your class; you sent it to us.

It would be great if you provide this description in electronic format; however, if you cannot, you can send us a paper.

Finally, we'd like to tell you who "we" are. We are the team of people living in different countries; we provide support to the teachers and improve quality of education.

You can contact us through either your consultant or email us directly.

We hope you tell us about you; then we can provide you with more accurately customized materials on pair learning.


Information for Parents

If you would like to help us contacting the teachers in the school, college or university where your children are, please, click here.

With kind wishes of success, light and love,

Gregory Gromyko, team manager.